MAMIE'S team

Our team is full of cool, bright staff! 😎 Come say hi!



Aym is the founder and director of MAMIE'S. He is often in the office upstairs. Ask the staff to call him down, he'll always be happy to meet you!


Allan is our Head Chef Crêpier. Incredibly professional and efficient, he has the kitchen running soooo smoothly and always comes up with new ideas! 

Antoine Crepier MAMIE'S


Our second Chef Crêpier: a true Breton, master of the billigs! By the way, he's single.. So don't be a stranger, you won't be disappointed!!

Baptiste MAMIE'S waiter


Baptiste is doing a great work as a waiter and is always motivated! He's often laughing at inappropriate jokes or making some himself though, beware! 

Guillaume MAMIE'S KP


Here comes our second Southerner from Aix-en-Provence! Guillaume works as a KP and brings a lot of sunshine in the kitchen with his radiant smile!



Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah! Bella is our second KP and helps the staff improving their english skills! Thanks for the great work and the positive energy!



Our new Commis! Hilal works in the kitchen and is always ready to help the Chefs and try out new recipes. A real fast-learner, as Allan likes to say! Great work Hilal!!


Our young and ambitious floor manager. She's always making sure that everything is perfect at MAMIE'S for our beloved customers.


Loic Pesk-Ebrel is MAMIE'S VP, Aymeric relies heavvily on him to keep his head above water. He handles everything from customer relationship to marketing and finance!

Quentin MAMIE'S Chef Crepier


A true Breton Crêpier directly imported from a French restaurant in Japan!! His experience abroad gave him a real technique and many creative ideas!

Manon Crêpière MAMIE'S


Manon is our new Crêpière!
She's passionate about theatre so it looks like Covent Garden is the perfect working spot for her!

Amelie MAMIE'S  Restaurant Intern


After a few months in Germany, our new French girl has just arrived in town! Amel is bringing her fresh look on our Communication and Marketing! Wunderbar!

lian copy.jpg


Highly trusted member of the team. Like a kat she's had multiple previous lives... Her smile and service will have you leaving HAPPY!

MAMIE'S crepier and waiter Damien


Dam's is our most unique Crêpier! You can't miss him, he might be the only Breton with Vikings looks. Rest assured he is the coolest guy and always happy to have a chat! 


Yonnie is the only potted plant that doesn't need watering. You'll find him wandering around the restaurant, giving a hand or just drinking a cuppa tea.

Rachel MAMIE'S waitress


MAMIE'S sweetest waitress! Our dear Rachel will greet you with the cutest smile and make sure everything is perfect! 

They are missed ...

We'll never forget you 💞


Our intern #NumeroUno. She was there before MAMIE'S even existed and she set the bar very high!


We're still crying over the depart of Fredo! Our endearing waiter-turned-crêpier! The whole of London is mourning his beautiful little moustache.

Henri Barman Waiter MAMIE'S


From MAMIE'S third intern to one of our most charming waiters! Riton and his majestic beard left the restaurant to rejoin Alfred's moustache...
"Au revoir."

Laurence waitress MAMIE'S


Our one and only Québécoise waitress! Her presence in the team was such a treat we invented a crepe with maple syrup just for our little "Caribou"! Merci!!


MAMIE'S second intern... She was the most OTT and creative though! She comes to visit us often! Thank you Roro!

Léa kitchen staff MAMIE'S


Our dear Léa helped a lot in the kitchen and was not there to "enfiler des perles"! She's living the dream in Paris now and we wish her all the best!


The most British Breton we've ever met!
He used to help in the kitchen (or mess around a bit! 😏) and also worked as a waiter!
Thanks Chef Plonge!


Popopopow!!! Pauline was our intern number 4 and spent more time in the kitchen than in the office... Juuust kidding!! 
Good job Paw-Paw! See you very soon!


Philou was our proper British mate! Her French was flawless though and she taught us so many naughty words! Fuckin'hell

Johan Waiter MAMIE'S


One of the most cheerful waiters we've had! The way he stares at our galettes is simply the best compliment we could wish for! 💕 See you Jojo!



Our very own Marseillaise. She might not be from Brittany but she sure as hell knew how to serve a crêpe! All the best Laura, and "Allez l'OM!" of course!