MAMIE'S is a Crêperie (Breton / French cuisine). Brittany is France's North West peninsula and is home to an amazing and unique culture.

In Brittany, a proper meal is constituted of traditional Galettes, Crêpes and Cider. We also believe people should take time to savour these dishes, crêpes aren't only meant to be taken away and devoured on the go.

Wondering what a Galette is? They're the crêpes' savoury cousin, made of buckwheat flour, salt, and water, so they're very healthy 😁. 

(Check our video to make your own)

The Legendary complète, classic among the classics
La Chateaubriand - MAMIE'S
The classic Galette Saucisse (Sausage,onions & mustard)

Then, for our sweet tooth customers, we have our traditional crêpes, on which you can add many different toppings ... like our homemade salted caramel for example.

Salted Caramel
Of course we make our own salted caramel in house!
La Magritte - MAMIE'S
La Magritte (Cooked apples, Ice cream, Roasted almonds and Caramel) 😍