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At MAMIE'S we've embraced smart technology. We're using tablets for our menus and as an ordering system... They are GREAT and our customers love them! Really simple to use, they allow you to scroll through different sections and show you what your meal will really look like. 

Our Smart Menus are a unique experience which would be hard to replicate on a simple webpage.

Before giving them a go, here are a few highlights of what we offer.

We have savoury crepes that we call Galettes and the batter is gluten free, which is not the case with our sweet crepes batter. BUT what we usually do upon request is that we use the Galette gluten free batter as a base for the sweet crepes (and it still tastes delicious!) so that our customers who have gluten intolerance can also enjoy a nice gluten free dessert! 

Note: Because everything is cooked in the same kitchen, there is unfortunately no way that we can guarantee that any dish we prepare is absolutely 100% gluten free since the level of control required is extremely high. All our food is tailored made and we have been able to serve clients with mild allergies/intolerance in the past, but we do ask our customers to make that judgment call themselves.
When advised, the kitchen staff, will thoroughly clean their hands / utensils / cooking surfaces, etc. in order to make sure that we eliminate traces of gluten as best as we can, but only the person concerned can let us know you if she/he's comfortable with "taking the risk".

Wondering what a Galette is? They're the crêpes' savoury cousin, made of buckwheat flour, salt, and water, so they're very healthy 😁. 

(Check our video to make your own)

The Legendary complète

A classic among the classics: an egg, ham and emmental cheese

La Chateaubriand - MAMIE'S

The classic Galette Saucisse 

A sausage rolled in a galette with onions, grained mustard and mixed salads

Then, for our sweet tooth customers, we have our traditional crêpes, on which you can add many different toppings ... like our homemade salted caramel for example.

Salted Caramel

Of course we make our own salted caramel in house

La Magritte - MAMIE'S

La Magritte 

Cooked apples, Ice cream, Roasted almonds and Caramel