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What is MAMIE'S

MAMIE’S was opened in 2016 by Aymeric Peurois, its founder and director.

The restaurant is a true Breton crêperie located in Covent Garden, in the heart of London. We thrive to bridge the gap between Breton and Briton cultures.

Brittany is France's North West peninsula and is home to an amazing and unique culture. In this region, a proper meal is constituted of traditional Galettes (made of buckwheat flour), Crêpes and Cider.

We believe that people should take time to savour these dishes, including crêpes , as they aren't only meant to be taken away and devoured on the go. So we created MAMIE'S...

The restaurant is split on three floors, two of which are the Restaurant and you'll find the Cidrothèque in the basement, our cider bar or cider cellar, you name it. All we can tell you is that it’s the first of its kind in London ! 😀

How can we best describe MAMIE'S ?



We believe that MAMIE'S concept is unique in London. The decor and the atmosphere are different than what you can normally find in the city. 


We like to think we're kinda special... Let us know what you think! Come and spend a nice moment with friends, have a chat with the staff... Or just head to our blog! 👉


The restaurant is full of colours. The lights of the ground floor, the seating on the first floor and the walls in the Cidrothèque! And even our food and our menus are really colourful!