The Gulf of Morbihan

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In this series of short articles, MAMIE’S invites you to discover (or rediscover) iconic places of the wonderful region of Brittany… We’ll start our tour with “the little sea” which gave its name to the department where it's nestled. You might have guessed (as you probably have read the tittle of this article), we’re taking you to the Gulf of Morbihan. 🌊 

This little sea (in Breton, Mor=sea and Bihan=little), covering an area of about a hundred square kilometers, is full of magnificent, colourful and mysterious places. 🕵️‍♀️

Let’s start our tour with one of the departement's most emblematic city. 


VANNES (In breton : gwened)

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Built at the mouth of three rivers flowing in the gulf, Vannes is an excellent departure point to sail on the little sea, especially thanks to its marina and to the many ferries scouring the surroundings. ⛴
However, the city is more than a departure point; it’s actually an astonishing gem, whose castle, cathedral, or historic quarter will impress you. The latter is easily recognisable, thanks to its colourful half-timbered houses. You will find there a lot of shops and restaurants there, and particularly CREPERIES 🥞. #FriendsEverywhere

Well, the sea is calling us now... It’s time for us to find a ship to ride the waves of the gulf. 🌊 




In the heart of the best known marina of the gulf, you’ll find several amateur yachtsmen. If you’re lucky, you will see a Sinagot, an old fishing ship, typical of the Morbihan and easily identifiable thanks to its two brick-red sails and its black hull. Only the Sinagot named “Les 3 frères” is an original one, the others are recent replicas. Whether you embark on a Sinagot or not, you’ll undoubtedly find a boat to visit some of the islands of the gulf. ⛵️


L’ÎLE AUX MOINES (in breton : Enizenac'h)

Ile aux moines Monk

Roughly shaped as a cross ✝️, this island is aptly named. Indeed, it was once owned by (you won’t believe it... drum-rolls) 🥁 monks! They used the island as their granary, but none of them actually lived there, maybe because of its tiny size (no spot of the island is more than 450m away from the sea). If you sail in the Gulf at low tide, you may even see large stones (called menhirs) on the shore, which will be covered by the water a few hours later.



Berder Island

This peninsula, off the coast of Larmor Baden is certainly not the best known of the gulf, but it is surely one of the most charming and atypical ones. The peninsula becomes an island as the tides rise and fall, allowing or not pedestrians to access this little land full of pines, whose quiet beaches will win your heart quickly. 🌲🏖



On Gavrinis island, you can find a prehistoric mortuary cairn. 💀 Made of granite stones and over 5 thousand years old, this dolmen will surprise you with its regularity and the quality of its preservation. Inside, the walls are carved with ancient symbols.

Game of thrones cave symbols


Let’s go back to the terra firma for this last step of our trip around the gulf. If you’re a wading bird lover, don’t hesitate to enjoy the observatories overhanging the extensive marshes. From there, you will be able to observe a lot of species: avocets, terns, spoonbills, and other more exotic species during the migration period. If you are discreet enough, you could get the opportunity to see lullabies, butterflies, as well as small mammals and a few molluscs, along the walking paths. 🦀🦐🦆🦋


Our first trip to Brittany is now drawing to an end. Please don’t hesitate to share with us your best photos of these places on Instagram with the hashtag #MAMIESTakesYouTo.

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