Saint-Brieuc's Bay

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In this series of short articles, MAMIE’S invites you to discover (or rediscover) iconic places of the wonderful region of Brittany… The second step of our tour is the beautiful area of Saint-Brieuc, in the Côtes d’Armor.

The surroundings of this town of 45,000 people, founded by the Welsh monk Brioc in the Vth century, will amaze you with the beauty of their coastline. 🌊🌾

Let’s begin our tour with the most populated town in the area.


Saint-Brieuc (in breton : Saint Brieg)

The fifteen-century-old capital of the Côtes-d’Armor constitutes a point of convergence between all the natural touristic spots which attract a lot of visitors. Quiet during the week, the town gets busy on Saturdays because of the market, which is one of the biggest in Brittany! If you want to avoid the crowds, you can always visit the museum of art and history. 😉All joking aside, it's a great occasion to learn all about the Breton traditions, arts and crafts!



The towns of Binic and Étables-sur-Mer merged in 2016 to become one and the same little city and it will blow your mind with its sumptuous landscapes. 😍Nicknamed “le grain de beauté des Côtes-d’Armor” (the beauty spot of the Côtes-d’Armor), Binic is a small town not far from Saint-Brieuc, and is famous for its marina. Étables-sur-Mer, for its part, is known for its numerous caves which have slowly developed in the granite of the coast. If you enjoy hiking or cycling, it is the perfect spot for you. 🚴🏃‍♀️Indeed, the GR34 (a hiking trail) connects the different beaches of the surroundings. 



Accessable only by Ferry, this small archipelago, composed of two main islands, is the perfect place to spend a day off. Referred to as “the island of flowers” 🌼🌺🏝️, its wonderful seaside and charming little stone houses will, with no doubt, delight you. Rent a bike and make sure to visit the Paon lighthouse in the north of the main island.

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Pléneuf-Val André

If you like chilling on sandy beaches and hearing the sound of crystal clear rolling waves 🌊near you, you need to spend an afternoon in this little seaside resort. If you’re bold enough, you can even try to swim, but be careful, because, as you may know, the Channel is not the warmest sea in Europe. 😰
All this beaching has probably made you feel hungry by now, so head to la Crêperie Le Chalut in Erquy to replenish and enjoy some delicious local food.



Erquy is a beautiful place, where you’ll find one of the most important scallop-fishing ports. ⚓The historic district is the ideal place to have a taste of the local specialities and the seaside is just the perfect setting for an after-dinner walk. On the cliffs, you will appreciate the beauty of the green landscapes and the waves crashing onto the rocks.


Cap Fréhel

Cap Fréhel (The Fréhel Cape) has been the link between Saint-Brieuc's Bay and the Emerald Coast (which leads to Saint-Malo). Surely one of the best spot for our photographer friends. 📸 Its panoramic views, heaths, lighthouse and, a bit further, the fort La Latte will definitely win your heart.


Our second trip to Brittany is now drawing to an end. Please don’t hesitate to share with us your nicest photos of the area on Instagram with the hashtag #MAMIESTakesYouTo.

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