Manon was a crêpière at MAMIE'S from June 2017 to May 2018. She left a couple of weeks ago and we really wanted to celebrate her contribution to the team and the restaurant.
Our true Normande arrived in London in 2016 and is passionate about photography, movies, music and theatre. Covent Garden really was the perfect working spot for her! 

She's now left for Sweden so before her departure from MAMIE'S, we decided to interview her.
Time for you to learn more about one really important member of the team. Wherever you go, you'll always be part of #MAMIESFamily!

How did you land at MAMIE’S?

I was working in another restaurant, working as a crêpiere as well. I was looking for a change so I applied at MAMIE'S and you guys welcomed me. So there you go, that’s how it happened, everything went really well with everyone so I stayed.

How did you become a Crêpiere?

Randomly really because I was a waitress in that previous restaurant and they just asked me like "would you like to learn how to become a crêpiere ?" And I was like "yes sure let’s try it", and I kind of really liked it, really enjoyed it to be honest. It’s a nice job to do!

Had you ever cooked a crepe before on a billig? Like as a child?

No never, it was really random, I never did that before and I became kind of good at it or I hope so…* you are, you are *
Thank you! * laughs *

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What’s your favourite thing about London?

I don't know, the vibes are just so cool. It’s a big city but if you compare it to Paris for example, people are just so much nicer here. Even though it’s a big city, the feel of it is just so nice, every neighbourhood is different from one another, so it gives it a really good and interesting vibe I think.




Do you have any passion?

I have lots. My top 3 would be photography, cinema and music. * Argh * and theatre is there as well but I can stick with this top 3.

What's your favorite spot for photography?

For photography I like to go to Borough Market, like every market in London, it is very lively. I enjoy going to Brick Lane on Sundays as well, the whole area is very nice and authentic. Last but not least, Camden is also a great place for photography! There are just so many places I enjoy. London as a whole is just great for that stuff.


What’s the motto you live by?

Be productive. A day that is not spent trying to create something is kind of wasted for me. I feel very frustrated and do not feel very good on evenings when I go to bed knowing that I haven't done anything. So yeah, be productive, always.

What are your life projects?

So I’m leaving MAMIE’S which makes me kind of sad… I’m going to Sweden for the Summer, working as a crêpiere again and then I don't know... Back to my dad’s farm I think, back to the beginning, helping, as there is always help needed there.

So what’s your dad’s farm about?

He makes Cider and a product that is called Poiré, it’s a pear cider. He has cows as well, so I'll probably go back to the countryside, farm life and cider.



What’s your big dream?

My big dream… My number one dream is, I think, making my own movie. To direct a movie that I wrote and everything.
Do you know the genre it would be? A horror movie?

I don’t want to qualify it as any genre, more of what story I wanna tell. So I don't know if it can be a horror movie or a drama... I have a few ideas already but it's all going to depend.

Would you like it be a project that you undertake very soon or more of a "in 10 years" kind of project?

It’s not something I wanna do tomorrow, more something to work on, think about. If you want to do something interesting and meaningful, I believe you need to think about it and work on it. Making a movie is a big project and there’s a lot to learn... How to finance it, how to gather a team, etc. I don’t have a degree in film making or anything, so it’s something that needs to grow, it needs time… So it’s not gonna be tomorrow, more in 10 years!

Have you ever shot a small movie before or been on a set or anything?

I did at school, when I was in Brittany. I use to take cinema classes and they taught us how to make small movies from scratch, like write a scenario, film and edit. So yeah I've got a bit of experience.

So we’re talking about movies, and obviously you would like to shoot a movie once in your life. Has there been any movies that made you feel like “ok one day I need to do that”?

They are so many. Yesterday I was watching There will be blood (Paul Thomas Anderson .ed) and there is that kind of vibe in the light that is used, it’s a great movie, the kind I want to create. The character is the worst character you can ever imagine and you follow him for two hours and a half and that’s crazy to be able to do that. You follow that guy who is a terrible terrible human being and you have these people (directors .ed) who can just make you stick to these stories. In another genre there is Wes Anderson who adds that comedy to it, he has so many deep characters, kind of a family drama but with comedy. You have so many ways to tell a story. I know it’s two very different movie director I just talked about but yeah I couldn’t choose.

Ready to finish with a one-word-answer-q&a?

Your favourite Galette?

The Brassens, with fig jams, goat cheese, onions & almonds


Your favourite Crêpe?

The Verlaine, with lemon curds, red berry coulis & Ice cream , so nice!


Your favourite Cocktail/Drink?

Cider Elyseum, always Cider ahahah



Can you describe MAMIE'S in 3 words?

Family, friends and Cider



Who’s your favourite photographer of the moment?

Sebastiao Salgado



What’s your favourite musical?

Book of Mormon




Who's your favorite director

Wes Anderson



What’s your favourite movie?

Children of Men



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