Brittany VS Normandy: An everlasting war?

What is the squabble all about 🤺

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Even though they share some important cultural and culinary similarities, Brittany and Normandy have been waging a full-blown war for decades. ⚔️
Who produces the best cider? Who makes the best crepes? 
Is the Mont Saint-Michel Normand or Breton?


We decided to take a close look at those many quarrels and give you guys a quick sum up!


1. Cider

Apple cider

French have sometimes a tendency of choosing to remember only the parts of History they like... This is why we consider Cider mostly Breton even though originally we actually can trace the beverage back to the Antiquity and even as far as Ancient Egypt. Greeks, Romans, Spaniards... All of them drank cider before it was introduced to us French through the Basques!  ⛵️🌊🇫🇷

So initially, from our Hexagonal perspective, although we do not want to disappoint our dear regional chauvinists, cider is neither Breton nor Normand. We can thank our great friends from the South for teaching and bringing this fermented apple juice to our northern sailors! 🍎🍏

Now we reckon that as far as cider is concerned, both regions are pretty tied. If you want to make your own opinion, come and judge by yourself at MAMIE’S! We'll be happy to present our cider selection to you!


2. The Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint Michel

This is THE question that divided Bretons and Normand for more than a thousand years. To which region does Mont Saint Michel belong? In France, it's actually a known fact that it's indeed Normand. Even though Bretons insist that it belonged to them for 66 year between 867 to 933 due to 3cm of water overflowing on the Breton borders. 🌊
There is even a proverb "Le Couesnon en sa folie a mis le Mont en Normandie", explaining that the border was then defined by a river that is definitely putting the Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.

So, this looks pretty settled... But the debate emerged again in 2015 because in a French geography manual, a malicious guy placed the monument in Brittany. As if both regions needed another excuse to feed this millennial (friendly) quarrel! 😂

To be fair though, look at this picture, we have to admit it is quite worth fighting for! 


3. Crêpes

Our glorious ambassadors!! Crêpes are definitely from Brittany, just like our Chefs Crêpiers at MAMIE'S! Their incredible taste rely on simplicity: a butter and sugar crêpe is probably the best treat you could have anywhere, anytime! 🥞💕

And if you go for a savoury one, a little piece advice, don’t call it a crêpe but a galette. They're the same, same... But different! 😂

So go for a galette first, drink a bit of cider and finish with a crêpe. No matter what you are, Breton, Normand, or even an Alien sent from Mars... Impossible to get tired of this traditional Breton meal. 👽❤️

crepe butter sugar


4. Calvados

Nothing's better than a little “Calva” to digest after having a delicious crepe! As its name suggests, this brandy, obtained by distilling once or twice the cider, is definitely Normand (as it's named after a Nordmand's "département"!). However, Brittany has its own version called Lambig. It's a little less renowned but arguably as good as Calva! 

calvados drink gif

If you want to make a “homemade” one, to be able to produce 1L, you will need to have no less than 18kg of apples. That’s right! A lot of apple trees to plant and apples to pick! Even though we do have to warn you that it's definitely illegal and angerous to produce your own Homemade mooshine! 😂
Just between us, you might as well come straight to MAMIE'S and give it a try! 😉

Warning: Should be consumed with passion (or moderation) 🍾


5. Camembert

camembert normandy

Nothing is more Normand (and especially more "French") than a good old camembert! In people’s mind, this cheese is one of France's symbols, just like the baguette, some red wine or, to complete this lovely cliche, a beret. 🇫🇷

Normands even created a dedicated museum for it! If you want to discover all the manufacturing secrets of a good camembert that really stinks (they're the best ones, everybody knows that!), give it a visit, it's in Vimoutiers! 

Irresistible breath guaranteed! 


6. Salted Caramel

Melted Caramel

If we could only keep one Breton ingredient?
Salted caramel, of course! 
No need for a fancy setting, just grab a teaspoon or spread it on a delicious crepe or slice of bread!

For the anecdote, Normands also have their equivalent called "Confiture de lait" (toooootally different from our salted caramel!), which was created, according to the myth, by mistake! 😅 Legend has it that a Cook of the Napoleonian Army overcooked his sugary milk and soldiers actually liked the taste.

Salted Caramel MAMIE'S

Even if the Confiture de lait is quite good, at MAMIE'S our specialty is salted caramel, and since we really like you, we'll soon post our own homemade salted caramel recipe! 🙊

Make sure that you keep track of our upcoming articles.



7. Landscapes

These two regions are both bordered by the sea and have some beautiful coast lines...🌊 💙

We might be very partial on this one, but the team definitely has a preference for Breton landscapes... The coast, the sand, nature, the menhirs! We're pretty sure Obelix would agree on that one! 👍 

The particularity of Brittany that it actually possesses noth North AND a South coast line offering an amazing diversity of landscapes. Normandy is far better known one feature: its endless beaches. 

Brittany can boasts  about its gorgeous islands such as Belle-île and Bréhat, but also its awe-inspiring coastlines of the "côte d'Emeraude", the "cote sauvage" and the "côte de Granite rose".  You can get lost in the Magical Brocéliande forest or drive to the end of the land all the way to the tip of Brittany "la pointe du Raz". Apparetnly you can see the Statue of Liberty from there! (Sure, it's not like there is an ocean in between...🌊)

Sooo, if you ever feel like experiencing Brittany's countless charms and beauty, you should definitely rent a car and follow the coast line or just your heart and be sure to open your eyes. Rent a boat for the day, go discover different coasts, harbors and lighthouses... ⚓️ Hike, cycle, swim, whatever your choice, you can't be disappointed!

You might even come across a bigoudène... A Breton MAMIE'S! (See what we did there? 😁)

Look at these cuties! 👵🏻 ➡️

There are so many littles things that make the charm of our region and we are sure you will love it! 



In the end, Brittany and Normandy are a bit like two old brothers... They have a lot in common and quarrel with each other to be number 1🥇but they are deeply bounded! 😭🤞
To us, there's no real point in confronting Brittany and Normandy in endless debates... Except if you Normand friend starts to annoy you.

Sooooo to close those lil' fights with a happy and beautiful ending, we declare both of the regions gloriously amazing! 💪🏆


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