The cheesiest of MAMIE'S Galettes - La Rabelais

To all the cheese lovers out there...

With London Cheese Festival coming to Camden Market next month, it is crystal clear that cheese has become a real star in London's food trend! 🧀 With so many different flavours and shapes, this iconic product has some glorious days ahead! 🏅💫

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And guess what? We, at MAMIE'S, are huge cheese lovers too!! 😍
To be honest, as a French team, it is kind of in our blood. 🇫🇷 We order most of our cheese from French local producers to make sure it is as delicious as it must be. 💪 
One of the greatest things about Galettes is probably the perfect harmony of the Sarrasin batter that we use with the melting cheese. 💕Emmental, Blue Cheese, Goat cheese... We have a lot of different Galettes recipes that use this perfect ingredient! 😋  

A lot of you guys asked us for the recipe of our cheesiest one, La Rabelais...
Well well well cheese lovers, you are in for a great treat! 🤓 🍳


La Rabelais recipe

You will need: 

- A Galette 🥞
- 50g of Blue Cheese
- 50g of Goat Cheese
- 50g of Saint Nectaire
- 50g of Emmental
- Finely cut Chives
- Pickled onions

📝 One little advice from the team: as the ingredients quality is very important, do not hesitate to take a look at the best Fromageries in London, such as Androuet Fromagerie!

In order to make your plain Galette, you can take a look at this little video we made to show you guys the Complète recipe: follow the same first steps and just change the topping! 👌

Once your plain Galette is ready, warm it up on a pan and add the Blue Cheese, Goat Cheese and Saint Nectaire. 🔥
Once they are half melted, sprinkle your 50g of Emmental all over the Galette and wait until it starts melting as well.
Then, fold your Galette into a square shape and add some chives and pickled onions on top.

Bon appétit !