La Chandeleur @ MAMIE'S



On the 2nd of February, we celebrated La Chandeleur at MAMIE’S and it was AWESOME!

La Chande-what? Basically, it's French Pancake Day, an event that we all cherish, as it's all about gathering with friends and family to make delicious crêpes. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🥞
If you want to learn more about this great tradition, we advise you to take a look at this very good article explaining how it emerged and why.

Crepe MAMIE'S Chandeleur

Since this tradition matters so much to us (because, come on, it’s the best excuse to eat crêpes all day long!) we decided to make the day special and here is a little overview of what happened last Thursday… 👀

Morning : Preparation!

At 8:30am, Alice, from Good Things Magazine popped by and we had the pleasure to meet her! After a small chat with the team, she started to take pictures and film the restaurant for her magazine. Her presence and curiosity were a great treat to start the day with! 💁🏼

In the meantime, the staff finished to prepare everything for the workshop, where customers would get to make their own crêpe. We even had a small video playing on an IPad, with the steps to follow to bake the perfect crêpe. We weren't going to throw you in the deep end without at least some theoretical knowledge, were we?  🏊 I mean, some members of the wait staff still can't manage to do it on their own 😂

Once the last details were polished, the team was ready to welcome our first customers.

Worshop crepe MAMIE'S

Midday : Let the fun begin!


Around 12pm, Anne, from Sassy (Cider/Spirits) came to visit us! 👋 She managed to bake a very decent crêpe... 💪 A true French! It really kickstarted the beginning of what was going to become a hilarious day, crazy busy and crazy fun!! 

As our lunch customers were finishing their crêpes, some of them decided to give it a go! And to be frank, we were quite surprised as some crêpes did look very professional... Some of you really surprised us with their unknown crêpier skills! Big up to Bénédicte 👏

Workshop crepe staff and customer

By the beginning of the afternoon, we were starting to understand exactly what most of you struggled with when you approached the “billig” (the hot plate in French) 🔥

And after a rather calm afternoon, we were ready for the big night coming ahead (the restaurant was fully booked!) 👍

At 5:30pm, our three floors were opened, which meant it was going to be a sporty evening for our waiters!🏃‍ The workshop was a great opportunity for us to have a chat with our customers without disturbing them during their meal, so we loved it!🗣 People were happy to try, were taking pictures, the event was really kicking off!

Evening : Glorious!

Some French customers were happy to try and make their own crêpe for La Chandeleur and to introduce their British friends to this tasty tradition 🇫🇷 😋 Most of them had never tried to do it on a professional billig before! The evening was starting, and the restaurant getting packed…

Worshop crepe try out

8pm was probably the busiest time. We had a large booking upstairs, which was a lot of fun since they all came to try and make their crêpe two by two 👯‍ (great for us in terms of organisation). Some people tried to come without a booking and unfortunately we had to tell them there were no seats left… 😢 Luckily, if you've missed it then... You can come back for Pancake Day! We are organising the same type of event for the 28th (February)! 🎉

We also welcomed our special guest of the evening, The Food Whores! They were lovely, took many pictures, and were asking a lot of questions about Brittany, Galettes and Crêpes... We were so happy to have meet them and have a chat! They then tried to make their crêpes… the first one wasn’t perfect then the others were more than honourable! Such a lovely group! 🤗 Check them out: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

In a word, we had such an AWESOME time celebrating La Chandeleur at MAMIE'S for the first time! We were so glad to meet you guys, that you enjoyed it and to realize that if we need extra crepes chefs we can turn to you!! 😍 🤣

Your positive feedback really got us convinced that Pancake Day on the 28th would be a lot of fun as well!

So here is a little shout out for those of you who want to hone their crêpes skills or those who weren't able to make it for La Chandeleur...


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