Crêpes vs Pancakes: The 5 Reasons Crêpes Win Every time

Crêpes vs Pancakes: The 5 Reasons Crêpes Win Ever ytime

First of all, let's agree on terminology!

What is a Pancake? 🥞 For some it's just a thick crêpe, for others America or Canada’s best dessert... But whatever the definition, pancakes are, undoubtedly, our beloved crêpes’ most obvious competitor. In this derby of puddings, which believe me, has split families before, a winner has to be named. Ready to pick your side?

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Pile of Crepes

MAMIE'S team, through our foolproof reductio ad absurdum argument, our clever manipulation of the rule of three and a slight dose of chauvinism, is about to end this never ending battle once and for all. ⚔️

Ladies and Gentleman, as it was to be expected, here are the 5 reasons that prove crêpes’ superiority. 💪


1.Pancakes aren’t graceful

Bathing in thick maple syrup, pancakes swim in your plate as a graceless and passionless floating island would. 🥀 Press your fork down on them and see how the pores slowly soak out the dark sap before it is sucked back in again by the sugary sponge. Absolutely no finesse there! And trying to make cute Mickey Mouse heads in a pan for the kids on a sunny Sunday morning won’t help 🐭 When Walt's mouse’s ears start to detach from its head because of the excess of fluids disolving the flour... The perfect brunch turns into Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen. So you’ll agree it’s probably better to avoid this.


2.Pancakes are dry


The problem is... Without liters of maple syrup, pancakes are unbearably dry. Even if you can chew and brood like a cow, the fact is there. The flour will dry up in your mouth and stick to your palate. We really feel for all the teenagers out there with their pimply faces and their braces! Exactly like eating corn on the cob, first make sure that you have a proper toolbox to get rid of all that’s going to be left in your iron smile 👦 Dentists say you should use dental floss to keep a healthy mouth... But what they fail to warn their patients against are Pancakes! (and also because your breath will stink afterwards) 🗣


3. Crêpes are thin and light

On the one hand, we all know that pancakes are as dense as polystyrene. On the other hand, crêpes are as soft and silky as lace. This thinness and elegance rank it as one of the best puds ever, and we’re pretty adamant about it. The most meticulous Origami masters will tell you, should you want to fold them in two or in four, shape them into a triangle or a cone... You can do pretty much anything with those delicacies.


4.Crêpes fly

Nobody ever saw a single pancake fly. However, the double flip is a well known crêpe-baking technique that every amateur or specialist of this Breton specialty is familiar with. As we, at MAMIE'S, are true professionals, let us, in a nutshell, walk you through the technicalities 📝 Some of you might start to think “Crêpes for Dummies” but we certainly wouldn't want to offend you, our beloved reader. Here is how to perfectly flip a crêpe:

Ready your arm, start an ample and graceful upward movement... And with a swift but precise wrist move, enable a breath of air to get under the cooking batter, just like a hot air balloon 🔥 Now, this was THE most crucial moment; the one that decides between life and death, between black and white, between the bench and playing in the A team, between 0 and 1, between… well you get the idea 😏 The following steps should be very easy, if you do not lose sight of the flying object that you've just sent in a different galaxy 🏋️💫 Comfortable on your feet, your knees slightly bent, brace yourself for the landing of your crêpe... For the beginners, we advise to hold on to your pan with two hands but the most adventurous out there should try a single-handed landing... Just be aware of the space around you to avoid any accident.


Good luck to you folks 🍳🎈

"Never lose sight of the flying object"


5.Crêpes are French.

Even if some of you are probably fed up with French People, French this and French that, the “made in France” obviously guarantees a-ma-zing quality 🙄 If economy and politicians seem to be struggling in the country of Human Rights, this Breton specialty knows how to be the Marianne that brings smiles back on everybody faces 😄 And that's why these bloody pancakes will never overcome our beloved crêpes. Our sugar-butter crêpes create an incredible explosion of savours that cannot be compared with the fatty taste of a blueberry pancake bathing in maple syrup and covered with whip cream.


Another superb example of La French touch

To conclude this incredible derby, this passionate fight, this pancake bashing, but very sincere and honest, the last words go to you, our Anglo-Saxons friends “sometimes, less is more”. 

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