Before / After - MAMIE'S Transformation

Before / After - MAMIE'S Transformation

Body Transformation

If you've seen Body transformation pictures or video on google or youtube, then you'll quickly get the jist of this article...

Of course I'm not going to post naked pictures of myself and show my (lack of for that matter) abs... But let's strip down MAMIE'S instead!


That's more what I'm talking about ...

...Sorry to disappoint.

Property Transformation at 19 Catherine street.

We've had to re-do EVERYTHING at MAMIE'S. We've litterally stripped down the property and started from a blank canvas. During those nearly 20 weeks of works, I've taken countless pictures of the different stages.

So if you've been to MAMIE'S, if you like the fit-out, the decor, the ambience... You won't believe that it looked like this at some point.

With no further ado enjoy the show:

Little Water - Before

MAMIE'S - After

During the works


MAMIE'S - After